Personification of God

I have a theory that there exists a something in this world that we all experience, but is so incomprehensible that we all explain it differently. I’m talking about God. I’m talking about any kind of Great Spirit, or feeling of being connected to everything around you. I think that it is such a complicated, multi-faceted idea and feeling that we have to personify it in order to share our experience with others.

We want to tell people about this amazing feeling of love and acceptance, but there are no words, and so we do the best we can, using a metaphor. “It’s like there is someone looking down who can see everything and loves me no matter what I do.” But there’s not a someone. There’s not even a something.

Atheists can experience God, but they don’t personify it. They often can’t reconcile it with what they know of the world, so they just ignore it. One must acknowledge these feelings of God in order to be able to talk to others about it. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. I’m speaking from experience. At the same time, there are probably religious people who haven’t experienced God, and just pretend because they wish they could, or they think they should. There’s also no way of knowing if they have experienced God or not. It’s that problem with the words again. No two interpretations are the same.

Before I really started thinking about religion and Christianity in a serious way, I couldn’t understand how anyone could believe in a contradiction. How can God be everywhere? (As a small child I once asked, “Is God in the fridge too?”) How can God love everyone and let terrible things happen? How can there be no evidence and so many people believe?

There is evidence. People believe in God, because they know God within themselves. God isn’t something that needs to be believed in. It just is. It is there, whether you believe it or not. This is why God isn’t a man with a big white beard. God can be that, if that’s what you need. Maybe my God is a big kitty-cat. Maybe your God is a big sassy black woman. Maybe Her God is the trees. Maybe his God is the ocean. I don’t know.

There is no way to know the God of someone else. Our words don’t work that way. Our brains don’t work that way. All we know is what we see and what we feel.


2 thoughts on “Personification of God

  1. First off great post! you are like a modern CS Lewis. Here are my thoughts upon reading this:

    The religions of the world contradict one another so they can not all be true. Truth is concrete and universal. We all experience the force of gravity in different ways but there exists the laws of physics, seperate and unchanged by our experience. It is the same way with truth about God.

    If an intelligent God does exist; isn’t it likely that he would want to reveal himself to the intelligent people he made?

    If God has revealed his identify to humanity; this makes it is very likely that one of the major religions is true or more true than the others.

    The Bible is a compilation of thousands of years of eye-witness accounts of God revealing himself to the world recorded by multiple authors supported by history and other eye-witness accounts. That’s my rational thinking.

    If you have a spare moment, tell me what you think of this video

    • Thanks for your comment, Joshua. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, and leave a comment 🙂

      Religion is a human expression of our connection to God, and as a human construct it is extremely limited. We cannot express the Truth, though we try, and sometimes we get close, but there is no way we can explain God in such a way that that description would be true for everyone. I think everyone experiences God differently, even though it is the same force being experienced. This is how religions contradict each other – each one is explaining a different facet of God. I think all religions have elements of truth, but none are entirely right.

      I don’t believe an intelligent God exists. Intelligence is a human (or whatever) trait, and I don’t think God has any traits as we think of them. I don’t think God has motivations, or thoughts. I don’t think God is male, or female, or both. I would probably also argue that God doesn’t have an identity 🙂 This is where those contradictions come in. The contradictions exist because our language and our brains are not complex enough to explain it as it is.

      Why would God need to reveal itself to us? Maybe God is constantly available to us, and we need to just pay attention. One argument that Atheists often make that pisses me off is that, “If I can’t see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, then it doesn’t exist.” But there are many, many things that exist that we cannot sense. There are many things that exist that we don’t have evidence for, yet. The world is a lot more complex than we know. I think spirituality plays a bigger part than our scientific western culture would like to admit.

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