I am a confident, sometimes reserved, often assertive and intelligent person. I think that lovely combination often comes across as arrogance, though of course that is not what I want to convey. I have decided that I need to change some habits in order to make sure that people don’t think of me as an arrogant person. There are the big ideas like humility, but I break them down into actual things to do that result in humility. I find that when I have very specific tasks like give credit to others as it is due it is much easier to change my habits than if it is something like be humble.

Here’s the list of things I think will help.

Be Personable

  • Smile
  • Introduce myself
  • Say hi
  • Use their first name when I am speaking with someone
  • Give genuine compliments
  • Listen actively, speak less


Be Humble

  • Show gratitude
  • Be accountable for my own errors
  • Admit uncertainty
  • Acknowledge the contribution of others
  • Apologize
  • Keep learning


Be Cooperative

  • Share my knowledge
  • Collaborate
  • Be reliable
  • Help others

What would you add to this list?


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