These are things I believe…

I will be updating this list whenever I think of something new. If I stop believing one of them, I will strike it and explain why my views changed.


Just because…

  • … it’s the way I do things, that doesn’t mean it is the right way or the only way.
  • … someone else says it, doesn’t mean it is true.
  • … it is difficult, doesn’t mean that it won’t be worth it.
  • … it is an easy choice now, doesn’t mean that it will make life easier later.
  • … I think someone would feel a certain way, doesn’t mean that they do.

No one can ever argue with my feelings, or tell me that they are wrong. My feelings are valid because I am feeling them.

There is no right and no wrong. Each action/decision has consequences which may make life easier, or harder for me or those around me.


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