My faith has taken its first hit. Bad things happen, that is the nature of life, but sometimes it just seems so terribly unfair.

I find it easy to understand when one bad thing happens to someone. They’ll work through it. Time heals. But what about when a person just starts to heal and gets hit by the same truck? You can’t hit a girl when she’s down. You just can’t. And yet it happens.

God doesn’t let things happen. God doesn’t make things happen. Perhaps God is there because life is life, good and bad, and we need the salvation and refuge that is provided by that unconditional love and grace. We are loved. Life can be hard, but we are loved.

“If she were capable of asking a question, it was because, in another Universe, there was an answer. Someone knew it, even if she didn’t. She didn’t need to understand the meaning of life; it was enough to find someone who did, and then fall asleep in his arms and sleep as a child sleeps, knowing that someone stronger than you is protecting you from all evil and all danger.” – Brida by Paulo Cohelo


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