This year I had two Thanksgiving dinners. One at our house with my boyfriend’s family and the other at my parents’ house with a wild assortment of my family and my parents’ friends.

The first one we all said what we were thankful for. Almost everyone said some version of friends and family, and I didn’t like it. First of all, it was boring. Secondly, if you don’t say someone’s name they’ll feel left out; and thirdly, we are all thankful for our families and friends. It’s a given.

So last night at my parents’ house I proposed that we couldn’t say that we were thankful for any person. We all know that we are thankful for our friends and family because we are lucky enough to have good family members (I know some people don’t). It was awesome! People said some amazing things. Some were just funny. There was so much more insight into everyone’s lives because we had to dig a little deeper. Here are a couple that I remember:

  • Motor sports, like dirt biking (my brother)
  • Eco sports, like running, biking, and skiing (my boyfriend)
  • Good health
  • The photostream that allows our friend to see pictures of her grand-niece (she was sneaky with that one!)
  • Second chances
  • New beginnings
  • Fall colours
  • Great jobs


So now I’ll give you a list of things I am thankful for that aren’t people:

  • Baby kittens in my house (My cat gave birth to 4 kittens 2.5 weeks ago!)
  • The bonus that I’m getting this week from work
  • Wine (makes family gatherings much more enjoyable 😉
  • Fleece pants and down booties, while we wait for our new boiler to arrive
  • The rain that made our fall as beautiful as it has ever been


May our hearts be full of gratitude for everything we are so lucky to have.


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