Slowing Down

I’ve had my foot in a cast for the last week and a half and it has been an interesting experience!

This was the first time I ever went to the hospital for myself. They had a record for me, but I think it was from when I was born. I rolled my ankle playing soccer and it was really painful the next day even though I could walk on it, so I decided it would be good to get it checked out. Sure enough, I chipped my navicular bone.

There are many things I’m thankful for. 

  • I’m thankful it’s not broken. It mostly doesn’t hurt and it will heal very fast. I won’t have long-term problems.
  • I can take off my cast and have a normal shower
  • I’ve had to slow down. Physically and just my general pace of life.

This last one has been very educational. Before I broke my foot I was doing ballet on Mondays and Wednesdays, indoor soccer on Tuesdays and I had just started climbing again (Thursday-Sunday – probably twice a week). I loved it. I’ve been looking forward to all this activity all summer. But now that I’m stuck at home, it’s so nice to cross things off my to-do list and have a clean kitchen. I go home and I don’t have any plans. Most of my evenings are spent reading and cuddling our four baby kittens (another post for another day). I’ve had time to just take it slow and this is the pace that I’m happy at. I need to remember this. 

I’ve also had to move slower. I’m a fast walker. I like to know where I’m going and get there as efficiently as possible. With my cast, I walk very slowly and it’s been good. I take time to notice things around me. I focus more on being than where I’m going. It reminds me of what I wanted with my old phone – to not rely on it so much, and spend time just observing the world rather than distracting myself from it. 

This time has been a good lesson in living in the present, something I always need.


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