Kittens: Maybe a little like a teen pregnancy?

I’m an animal lover and an enthusiastic supporter of the SPCA. I never thought I would have a cat who would have kittens. There are so many baby and adult cats in the world that need homes, it would be irresponsible to not get my cat fixed and bring more kittens into the world. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

 There are a couple reasons why we didn’t get her spayed.

  1. Violet didn’t go into heat for a couple years. She is three and this is her first litter. We said we would spay her when she went into heat. She went into heat a couple months before she got pregnant. Possibly a year.
  2. We got her from a farm, knowing that she would be an outdoor cat. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on her if she was going to run away, or prove to be not so smart and get eaten.
  3. I love kittens and the thought of possible kittens was not any kind of deterrent. Though now I know they are a lot of work, and we will be getting her fixed as soon as the kittens are weaned.
  4. As someone with The Worst Baby Fever In The World, I couldn’t possibly compromise anyone else’s fertility, even my cat’s.
  5. I was always sad that the dog we had when I was growing up never had puppies. She was an amazing dog, and one whose genes deserved to live on. Violet is an amazing cat and I’m so glad that there will be 3-4 more families in the world who get to experience having a great cat like her.
  6. I really didn’t think she would get pregnant.

 Once she was pregnant, and I was trying to do research about kittens, and how to help your mama cat, I was blown away at the lack of online (and IRL) resources available. First I took her to the vet (the appointment was supposed to be where we discussed getting her spayed but that changed when I found out she was pregnant). The vet was bitchy and rude. She was very displeased that I had let my cat get pregnant. Well, there wasn’t much I could do about it then, was there? So that didn’t help.

 Once she had the kittens, there were all sorts of things I was worried about. They were breathing weird sometimes (that’s just how they do), sometimes their eyes were stuck shut, I wanted to know why Violet had lumps in her tummy after she had them (it’s just the horns of her uterus that got hard after she had them – just like humans). First of all, I wasn’t going to call the vet because she was obviously not happy about the situation and I didn’t want her to make me feel guilty. I went online instead, and there seemed to be so little information about kittens and their well-being immediately after birth. As if cats never have their babies in the presence of humans any more. And when there was information, it was full of SEE YOUR VET RIGHT NOW OR THE KITTENS WILL DIE OMG. There is very little common knowledge of how baby kittens act because cats all get spayed. Unless you are on a farm, in which case you let them do their thing and it’s the law of the jungle. I was lucky enough to get some tips from my boyfriend’s aunt who lives in the country and has a couple outdoor cats who have kittens every once in a while.

I now have a better understanding how teen moms (or single moms) feel. They didn’t think they would get pregnant (or maybe they did – it’s their choice!) and once they are, people are mad at them rather than just helping them. They don’t know where to turn for help, and when they do, they are made to feel like they did something wrong. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to feel that alone. 


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