[trigger warning for non-explicit violence]


Dreams are really interesting to me. I’ve found they are linked to my real life in weird ways.

When I was young, I had many dreams that my house was on fire and I had to escape. Those dreams ended after we had an actual house fire. Don’t worry, everyone was safe, though maybe a little traumatized. (Possibly a story for another day.)

After that, I would have dreams all the time where someone would break into our house and I’d have to hide and call 911. Those dreams ended after our house was broken into. Don’t worry, no one was home. (Definitely a story for another day, it’s rather hilarious.)

In Grade 12, my last year of high school, I had so many dreams about people dying. Almost never people I knew. Never myself. Always in violent, terrible ways that freaked me out. In the dream I would just be there watching, unable to do anything. It started to really bother me, so I started looking up dreams about death online. I also asked my aunt who is an astrologer, and knows about that sort of thing.

It turns out that my dreams of death just mean that I’m going through a big transition in my life. Grade 12, starting university, moving out, finishing university, starting a new job. These are all times when I get to expect nightmares. They don’t bother me as much anymore, now that I know that they just signal change and my mind is just a little morbid when dealing with it.

To end on a happy note: The night Violet had her kittens, I had a dream that she had five of them: one that looked like her, an orange one, a bright green one, a bright blue one, and a purple one. When I awoke to see the baby kittens I named them Olive Fern, Periwinkle, Indigo, and Dandelion (the orange one). Perhaps the one that looked like her was her!

I think dreams are fascinating and I try to pay as much attention to them as possible.


One thought on “Dreams

  1. I have horrible and violent nightmares a lot but I always assume it’s my ptsd . I just recently started recording them so I can look into it. I also have WONDERFUL dreams about birth .. I’ve been recording those too and want to blog about them. Another reoccurring dream I have is dead animals especially dead fish :/ I should look into that one

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