Yes, it’s only the beginning of November and I’m talking about Christmas. I’m one of THOSE people 🙂 Up here in Canada, winter is 6 months long. Seriously. The snow shows up around Halloween and doesn’t leave until the end of April. In order to survive, we need things to look forward to, and Christmas is the first one! Once Halloween is done, Christmas is fair game. Our Thanksgiving is in FALL and so we get that out of the way in early October (still doesn’t mean there won’t be snow).

I love Christmas. I love having a winter festival where everyone comes together and has FUN. I need to have fun. I need to decorate. I need to think about how special everything in the world is. I love having a special time of year that is different from the rest of the 6 months of cold, snow, and ice. A couple years ago I dressed up our fridge like a snowman. It was the cutest thing ever, and kind of stayed like that for a couple years. I love putting up Christmas lights EVERYWHERE. They’re just so perfect. I’d light the whole house with exclusively Christmas lights for all of December if I could. Maybe one day I will.

One of my favourite Christmases was when I had just started working. I was still living at home and I had a huge disposable income. I had so much fun shopping for fantastic presents for my family. I know Christmas isn’t about money, but it was still really fun to just go crazy.

This year, our Christmas will be different. It will be my first Christmas morning not at my parents house. The last couple years, J and I have Christmas dinner on Christmas eve with my parents, then sleep over and do stockings in the morning with presents, before going to his parents’ house. This year we will do Christmas Eve dinner and presents at my parents, then go home to our own house and do stockings in the morning just the two of us. I’m looking forward to it. Stockings are one of my favourite parts of Christmas, and it will be so special to have just the two of us.

I don’t know how much I will decorate this year, since our house is in the middle of renovations. I might just do our office and bedroom since those are the only unaffected areas. Or maybe I’ll make decorations for upstairs 🙂 Either way, I can’t wait. I already have half of my presents ordered, and I know what I’m getting for everyone else. I’m on top of it.

How do you feel about Christmas? Do you have any Christmas traditions that you just couldn’t do without?


2 thoughts on “Christmas!

  1. I love Christmas but I never decorate. Since my mom was murdered if I have Christmas decorations around I will literally break them all when I get upset LOL.. It’s not funny but it kind of is. I might try this year to decorate. I decorate her grave most years. That is fun! Stockings were a big deal for me growing up but now I don’t have one .. You reminded me I need to get one for Matt and I. That can be our new tradition. Post pics of what you decorate

    • Stockings sounds like a good first step 🙂 I really don’t know how much decorations we will have because of the reno mess. I always like putting up Christmas lights all over the house. It’s really easy and makes everything look festive. They’re hard to break too! 🙂

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