Strategies for D-MER while Tandem Breastfeeding


English: Ágnes Geréb, Hungarian midwife and do...

One of my favorite things about birthing at home is being able to snuggle in bed with my new baby(ies), my older children and my partner. My midwives take care of us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I am treated like a birthing goddess while they are respectful of our family bonding space. The midwives make sure there’s food for us and they clean up everything from the birth so I can concentrate on falling in love all over again with this new version my family.

My midwives also check in with breastfeeding, since that is my desire. With my first son, they helped me understanding good positioning and latch. And since we had a rough start, recommended an excellent IBCLC that I credit with saving my breastfeeding relationship. For the rest of my singletons, they were there in case I had any issues and supported me as I tandemed and…

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