I got engaged on December 8, 2013! I’m even happier than I thought I would be, and I’ve had a long time to think about it. I’ve been expecting it to happen for the last 13 months since that’s how long he has had the ring!

Shortly before our 5th anniversary, I went to my parents house and chose my engagement ring from the two family heirlooms I was offered. I picked the big, pretty one which also fit perfectly. It was meant to be. The ring belonged to my great-great aunt who got married sometime in the 1930s. It’s very unique and I feel so lucky to have it. Auntie Stella was the second wife of my maternal (x2) great-grandmother’s brother. From what I hear, she was the life of the party and always a lot of fun. These are definitely qualities I want to cultivate in myself, and I feel like I get that energy from the ring.

All year long, I kept expecting him to propose in romantic places. Our 5th anniversary, on our trip to the cabin by ourselves, ski trips in the mountains, another trip to the cabin, hiking in the mountains, our 6th anniversary. I worked like mad on being patient. I’m the opposite of patient. It was hard. I wanted him to do it on his own. I didn’t want to plan the wedding first, or get pregnant, or do anything that made me feel like he proposed because he had to, but he was on a completely different time line than I was. He didn’t feel like there was any rush and I was sitting there pulling my hair out with impatience.

This weekend my cousin was visiting us. We had a great weekend. Full of fun activities. On Sunday, I went to church and it was a heavy sermon about how advent is a time for waiting and anticipation of the great joy that comes after waiting. I was a mess after that and needed a distraction. When I got home, we all wanted to get outside so I suggest that we go to a provincial park near the mountains for a walk. I got my cast off 3 days before so I didn’t want to go on anything too huge. The park is beautiful and we had a lovely drive up, then a fun tromp through the forest. We were throwing snowballs, and dumping snow on each other from the overhead branches. It was just what we needed. Towards the end of our walk, he ran off ahead. When we came around the corner he was waiting for me in the middle of the trail. When I got closer he said, “Emily, would you… wait while I tie my shoe?” Then he got down on one knee and got the ring out and said, “Just kidding, will you marry me?” And I said yes and it was amazing! He put the ring on my finger and I refused to put my mittens on even though it was really cold, because I couldn’t bear to cover it up. 

I’ve been waiting for that for so long, and I’m even happier than I thought I would be. He’s also really excited for the wedding. So the sermon was on the right track 🙂


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