• Started going to church
  • Worked really hard on being more patient. Succeeded at being more patient.
  • Continued volunteering, fulfilled my commitment of doing it for one year, and finished because it wasn’t as rewarding as I wanted it to be.
  • Went skiing and hiking many, many times.
  • Went camping many, many times.
  • Made friends with another couple 🙂
  • Started climbing again and reminded myself why I love it so much.
  • Started ballet again and reminded myself why I love it so much.
  • Started to frolf (frisbee golf)
  • Played lots of soccer, and really improved. Realized I’m better offense than defense.
  • Got a “real” job with a good career trajectory, making real money.
  • Took many courses through work and gained many skills (MS Access,  SQL,  FME,  Six Sigma Lean Green Belt)
  • Spent 2 separate weeks at the cabin.
  • Went to Vancouver to see my Grandma, and saw George Watsky in concert
  • Took an amazing road trip with my friend to Portland and the Oregon Coast.
  • Went to two weddings
  • Paid off ~$10K in student loans
  • Spent some quality time with some quality cousins, aunts, and uncles.
  • Worked through some difficult personal issues
  • Became a Kitten Grandma
  • Learned about depression in a first-hand kind of way
  • Rocked Christmas Shopping
  • GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!

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