This year I decided I should give something up for lent. I’ll be going to church every Sunday, and I enjoyed the Easter season last year and wanted to be more involved this year. I wish I could give up something really big, like sugar, or social media, or negative self-talk, but I know I don’t have the power to do that. One day I will, but not right now.

I’m giving up buying food at work. I always buy sugary snacks in the middle of the afternoon when the boredom gets overwhelming and I want to stuff my face with a donut. I always think that a donut or chocolate bar or Starbucks will cheer me up. It’s an awful habit. It’s a good one to get rid of. I’m not getting rid of all sugar in my diet, because sometimes I need a cookie. But I have very few sweets at home, and I find it easy not to buy them at the grocery store.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to confront these feelings in the middle of the afternoon and get over it. Confront my desire to eat crappy food and eat that apple if I’m really that hungry. I also hope it’ll help me think about sacrifice, and denying myself certain things in order to live a better life.


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