#lifewithouttv2015: Creating Space


  1. No tv shows
  2. No movies *
  3. No internet videos that aren’t:
    1. an explanation on how to do something
    2. educational
  4. No video, computer, or phone games
  5. Phones only as alarms in the bedroom

*With the exception of going to movie theatres to see things that are Very Important (like Pitch Perfect 2 or Paper Towns)

Two or three weeks before Christmas Jer came to me and said, “I want to do an experiment. I want to not watch tv or movies or play video games for a whole year.” I couldn’t have been more surprised. That’s almost all he did when he was at home. I was excited and all for it, but didn’t quite believe him. His goal was to create space and see what filled it. We basically started on Christmas Eve and have been going strong ever since.

I’ve never been much of a movies person since I grew up without tv, but we just finished our renos and it’s been nice to lay on the couch and watch a show or movie. But Jer would always watch tv while cooking. Same goes for movies – Jer liked watching them, but I’d usually fall asleep. I decided that movie theaters are valid for a few reasons. First, we both hate going to the theatres to watch movies. It’s expensive, people are noisy, it’s uncomfortable, you can’t pause it… etc. So going is more like doing a thing than just vegging because it’s the easiest thing to do.

The internet videos thing is mostly for me. I’ve had a solid YouTube habit since 2007, but it’s less than it used to be. I use it the same as Jer used TV shows, except with a shorter attention span. We can watch educational things, as long as it’s not just entertainment for something to do because we’re bored. If you look something up for a purpose of learning, then it’s cool.

Jer played a lot of video games, especially with his best friend who is currently living in Australia. He decided they’d just have to skype. I’ve never played video games, but I’ve always been addicted to games like solitaire, 2048, and boring mindless stuff like that. It was getting really bad. Like an actual addiction. So I stopped that cold turkey and it’s been fantastic.

No phones in the bedroom. This is to make sure we are reading and not dicking around on our phones when we should be sleeping. I like it. It makes me less attached to my phone.

So far everything is fantastic and it’s not that hard. There’s so much freedom! I’ll update more on that later.

Would you ever consider getting rid of tv and movies? Why? Why not?


P.S. I also got rid of Facebook and that’s made me even happier than I imagined I’d be.



  • I got married. All of my planning paid off and everyone, including me, had fun.
  • My bridal shower was a blast. 40 women gathered for high tea, and that was my present.
  • We went to Maui for two weeks and put 800 miles on our rental car exploring everything there was to see.
  • I enjoyed a long reprieve of emotional issues between May and September.
  • Jeremy quit his job in June to finish the kitchen renovations
  • The kitchen renovations are done! I have an amazing kitchen and living room where I can hang out whenever I want 🙂
  • We spent a week at the cabin
  • We went camping at Milk River, Silverwood, and interior B.C.after my cousins wedding.
  • Family reunion in July
  • Climbed a couple times a week except for the summer when I rode to work every day.
  • I was given the time of project manager for an event at work, having forgotten how stressful planning the wedding was. The growth is in the challenge.
  • I started volunteering as a baby cuddler in a support group for moms with postpartum mood disorders.
  • We spent a week on Vancouver island and picked up our brand new dining room table, lovingly made by talented family!
  • We tried to conceive for 7 cycles. The Twitter account I created for this journey had helped me find the emotional patterns in my cycle which had also helped others do the same!
  • I started acupuncture.
  • Jeremy has resolved to not play any video games or watch any tv or movies in 2015. I’m excited to see what kind if new pastimes this brings to our lives.