• I got married. All of my planning paid off and everyone, including me, had fun.
  • My bridal shower was a blast. 40 women gathered for high tea, and that was my present.
  • We went to Maui for two weeks and put 800 miles on our rental car exploring everything there was to see.
  • I enjoyed a long reprieve of emotional issues between May and September.
  • Jeremy quit his job in June to finish the kitchen renovations
  • The kitchen renovations are done! I have an amazing kitchen and living room where I can hang out whenever I want 🙂
  • We spent a week at the cabin
  • We went camping at Milk River, Silverwood, and interior B.C.after my cousins wedding.
  • Family reunion in July
  • Climbed a couple times a week except for the summer when I rode to work every day.
  • I was given the time of project manager for an event at work, having forgotten how stressful planning the wedding was. The growth is in the challenge.
  • I started volunteering as a baby cuddler in a support group for moms with postpartum mood disorders.
  • We spent a week on Vancouver island and picked up our brand new dining room table, lovingly made by talented family!
  • We tried to conceive for 7 cycles. The Twitter account I created for this journey had helped me find the emotional patterns in my cycle which had also helped others do the same!
  • I started acupuncture.
  • Jeremy has resolved to not play any video games or watch any tv or movies in 2015. I’m excited to see what kind if new pastimes this brings to our lives.

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