Wedding Dress: Part 1

Disclaimer: Just because I think a dress is ugly, it doesn’t mean I would think it was ugly on you.

My favourite colour has always been purple, and in a big way. I have purple everything. Every time I envisioned my wedding, I saw myself in a purple dress. I thought that if I had a purple wedding dress, I’d be able to wear it again, it would be less fussy, and I look fantastic in purple. I wanted a purple ball gown kind of thing. But I never had a very specific idea of what I wanted. I have always disliked the idea of wearing a white wedding dress, and I just thought they were so wasteful and kind of stupid.

Now I actually have to think seriously about my wedding dress. A while ago I decided that 50s style is awesome, so I wanted something short. The first plan was to have a purple dress made. I knew that it would be impossible to find something in the stores, and I thought I’d go try on some wedding dresses to see what kind of styles I liked so I could tell the dressmaker what I wanted. I made some appointments and went with two of my bridesmaids.

The first two places had nothing tea-length (mid-calf), and anything short was like destination wedding style which is like an ugly bridesmaid’s dress, but white. All their other dresses were exactly the same and hideous. Their bridesmaid’s dresses were like shitty prom dresses. No thank-you.

Then we went to a place that had some selection. Our saleslady was so helpful and nice. (Everyone was nice at all the stores, which was contrary to what I was expecting based on Google reviews for everything.) She showed us the tea-length ones and I grabbed a couple and a long, mermaid-ish one just for kicks. The long one was pretty and it was cool to see myself in it, but it was so not me. There were a couple others that were short but too floofy or just didn’t look right. Then I tried on one that we saw right when we walked into the store. It was strapless with a full skirt, and had really big, chunky lace which created an amazing pattern around the bottom of the skirt. The waist had a jeweled belt, and the whole thing was so pretty and fit me perfectly. I could have walked out of there with zero alterations.

The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was that it was strapless. It fit, and looked fine, but it was just weird seeing that huge expanse of skin above the dress. I didn’t like it. So I asked for a veil, and that was a gorgeous solution. We found one that just covered my shoulders. Then I really felt like a bride. No matter what, there will be a veil.

That dress had me thinking differently about wedding dresses. Maybe I could wear white. That would make finding bridesmaid’s dresses a lot easier. I could just buy it and have it done and not worry about finding a good dressmaker. There would be no anxiety over whether or not the final product would look good or fit.

Originally I had wanted to find something for $500. This dress was $750. I was fine with that since my parents could put in whatever they wanted and I’d add the extra. But there was still the option of finding one second hand, or borrowing one. As long as it was white and short, we’d be fine. My mom did not agree.


PS: Tips on improving my writing for this post style are much appreciated!